Carpet vs. Hardwood Floor


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If you are currently in the process of renovating your home or are about to have one built, selecting a floor is one of the things that will require a lot of your attention. There are different types of floors on the market, but carpet and hardwood floors have always been the favorite of millions of individuals around the globe. Choosing between these two floor options can be a difficult challenge, as both of them have pros and cons.


Carpet is ideal for those individuals who prefer to take off their shoes before walking into their homes. Carpets can be very cozy to walk on. It is a very comfortable type of floor, but a carpet can also be a bit of a problem when something falls on it, such as food, liquid, and etc. Stains on carpets can be verydifficult to remove. There are times when you need to buy a special kind of spray to remove them. But, other than that, carpets are a great choice to consider.

Hardwood Floor

The good thing about hardwood floor is that it’s easy to clean. The only thing that might be a downfall for some individuals is that, unlike carpet, this type of floor is not ideal for people who like to walk around their house barefoot during the winter time, as it can be cold to the touch. There are different kinds of hardwood floors, but engineered wood floors are becoming the most sought after, as this type of wood is eco-friendly (it makes efficient use of the trees).