Top 8 Window Styles on the Market


If you are currently in the process of renovating your home or are about to have one built, windows will definitely be an essential part of your project. There are so many different types of window styles to choose from on the market, which can turn into great confusion when it comes to deciding the one that is the best bet for your needs and wants.

At the moment, there are 8 window styles in particular that seem to be the most sought after (read below). And if you are looking for a Los Angeles window repair contractor, give me a holler :)

The 8 Top Window Styles on the Market

  1. Bay/Bow Windows - These types of windows are able to provide home owners with more interior space, as they can protrude out from the exterior of the siding of your home.
  2. Stationary Windows – This type of window does not open. Stationary windows can be shaped or angled in any way you want.
  3. Slider Windows – Slider windows are meant to glide along a track. They have at least one operating window that can slide horizontally over or past the other window.
  4. Transom Windows – This window is often mounted above a window or door to let in more light or air in a home.
  5. Picture Windows – For individuals who like to light-up their home’s interior with sunlight, picture windows are the perfect option, as they are large stationary windows that can let in the maximum amount of views and sunlight.
  6. Awning Windows – This window can be installed alongside, below, or above, and it opens outward, so that air can come in from the right, left, and bottom.
  7. Casement Windows – This type of window, which has an operating mechanism, can open outward when hinged on the right or the left.
  8. Double-Hung Windows – These windows are often placed in kitchens. This type of window has 2 sashes that can slide vertically down and up in the frame and open wide from either the bottom or the top but remain inside the frame.

Happy window shopping! :)